how do i remove blood from the gi?

hi friend, my gi has some blood spots, what can i do to remove them without damage my gi¿?

See for more info.

Oxyclean scrub it in the spots where blood is then wash.It want burn holes in cotton like bleach will.

Try this too:

Get a Qtip and dip it in rubbing alcohol. Start dabbing, rubbing the alcohol on the spot. This worked wonders on my carpet.

Why would you want to remove it?


Soak the blood-stained area in cold-water as soon as possible after the exposure...this will help to prevent the color of the blood from 'setting'.

Pee on it...and don't wash it until at least a month has elapsed.


Cold water is the least damaging to your Gi. I used to wash them in Oxi-Clean; but, I noticed that over time it
can cause the material to fray and break down. I think the granules of Oxi-Clean don't all dissolve and grind on the threads like sand would.

Soak in cold water,use q-tip with peroxide, then wash asap. Main thing is not to let the blood stain set.

More blood will make the other blood less noticeable.

oxyclean or peroxide.