How do I stop GRINDING my TEETH?

I not only grind my teeth at night but now I’ve been doing it a lot during the day at work. I can not stop doing this and it was noticeable to the dentist the last time I had a checkup. Is there some way to hypnotize thyself to stop this?  

TTT for answers.


I think it might be anxiety related.

Wear a mouthgaurd 24/7 

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I wear a guard at night. It's a shitty problem.

I've done it since I was a child and it fucked up my teeth and has given me permanent tinnitus. I've seen probably more than 10 different doctors and dentists about it.

- Stress will bring it on (gotta "release" that tension)
- Eating or drinking things before bed can bring it on (metabolism is still "working" to eat/digest food)
- If your teeth aren't aligned correctly due to genetics or bad dentistry this can cause it (your teeth need to "escape" the tension by sliding left, right or forward)
- Deviated septum or breathing issues can cause stress when sleeping and also grinding

I'm finally good now after roughly 10 occlusal adjustments from my dentist. My tinnitus is permanent (but not nearly as bad as it used to be) and my teeth are permanently fucked up, but look a bit better after the dentist "evened them out". I also had a turbinate reduction procedure (took like 15 minutes) which helped cure my sleep apnea and teeth grinding.

A mouth/night guard will protect your teeth, but it won't stop you clenching your teeth when you sleep (which will damage your TMJ jaw joint and can give you permanent tinnitus).

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Slack jaw is better for sure. Grinding your teeth will mess you up.

Hated that mouth piece when I was teenager. Had to wear when I went to bed.

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Stress management

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I use to do that and I was told it's related to stress. My dentist made me a mouth guard for when I sleep. It helps. I still grind a bit during the day but I catch myself doing it and stop.

Supposably, holding a pencil is your mouf makes your jaw relax. Dunno if it really works though

Your dentist should be able to fit your for a dental appliance called either a night guard or bite blocker. they've been around for years. right now there are two types of night time dental 'appliances' one is just similar to a night guard and worn like one. the issue with those is that if you really grind hard, you still flex and aggravate your jaw joint

The other saved several of my teeth after literally grinding down parts of my canine teeth. It snaps onto either your lower or upper teeth. ( your dentist should look at your teeth and determine which one to use ). It has a long piece off the front that sits high enough to stop the process of actually beginning the bite / clinching movement. It interrupts the motion, training it not to do it if you are lucky. I've torn the shit out of 4 in the last 8 years. but has save me thousands in veneers


Here is a link to a video on them. Funky as hell to use at first but after that, it is unnoticeable. I've come to associate unclicking it off my teeth to 'sexy time' in bed at night. hahahahhaha


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Could be sinus/congestion related too. I snored & ground my teeth bad until I got my deviated septum fixed recently. Broken molars = crowns & root canals = $$$$

You need a nightguard/grind guard, anyway. Check Amazon. The SOVA one seems pretty highly rated. Takes a little getting used to, but not that bad.

they actually would help

I bought a cheap mouth guard at a sports store and just cut it to fit the lower front teeth - it works well, cost about 4 bucks, and took like a minute to cut to fit

No idea of how to stop it other than what people have said already - maybe there is acupuncture for that?

I've always had this problem at night. I wear a mouthguard every night.

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