How do I subscribe/find my subscriptions?

I’m sure this has already been covered, but I’m universally known as the board retard. Where do I find my subscriptions?

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Click on the eye in the top right corner.


When I post in a thread they are not automatically added?

Actually, try clicking on your icon in the top right corner and you can select the bell or bookmarks.

You have to click watching if you want all updates. At the bottom left of each thread.

It will show tracking once you post. Switch it to watching if you want all updates.

Maybe somebody else can clarify this.

Don’t bother with that. Go into your settings and change it so that every thread you post in is watched. That way you don’t have to do it manually in every thread.


Then “When I post in a topic, set that topic to: watching”


Nice will do

Fuck yeah. Thanks stache. VU.

No worries. This site is better than the old one once you figure out the different settings and tools.

How do you post gifs? I don’t see the option.

Its coming back in an update over the next 24hrs, allegedly.

So what is the point of bookmarking a thread?

AFAICT Discourse suffers a bit from feature creep. You have several ways of doing similar things. Just like the quote bubble vs marking a text.

Bookmark gets you back to the specific post you bookmarked, plus you can set a timer to remind you. Using Watching and the eye you simply get to the last post you read. I guess it’s useful if you want to read through a long thread first and then reply to a couple of posts, but IMO it just adds unnecessary confusion.