How do I tryout for Abu Dabi?

Who do I need to talk to and where do I need to compete in order to get a shot at competing in the next Abu Dabis?

You need to rewind your clock about 6 months and start training for the tryouts to be held in canada.... if you cant rewind your clock i think your out of luck.

Well the next ones are very soon so too late to qualify for em so Charles is correct.

Drew - Ok, I am the promoter of the ADCC 2005 in California next May.

The qualifiers are over, but you can send a resume to

That is Guy Neivens of the ADCC, and they do the random selections. Send him a resume, get a tape together etc. When all is done, there will only be 10 invites per weight class, as the 6 other spots are taken up by qualifiers.


Make sure you make Guy feel like a superstar he loves that stuff!