How do I update a NSF events results?

Hey UG! I’m back, and these days I’m on the business end of the fight game. I was recently brought on to a show out of a state with no commission and am bringing them into my home state of Idaho to expand their market and mold what they’ve established into an even better show. To date they’ve done three events in Montana, only one of which has results in the database. Is anyone able to point me in the right direction in regards to rectifying this? I’ve got the results from and dates for the other two events. Thanks in advance for the help, Oss! and we'll get er done.

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Awesome! Will do, ASAP. Thank you! 

Chris - and we'll get er done.

You can delete the post if you want, I got the email written down 

Good to leave it up if anyone else has a similar query!

TTT everyone get their missing fights in there!!!