How do I watch DREAM 18 on NYE?

I know it is taking place right before the GLORY kickboxing card, which is being broadcast/webcast(?). But how do I watch the DREAM 18 card that precedes it?

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ttt for definite answer

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back to this question...

Fight Network in Canada, there's a thread on it. Phone Post

Looks like I need to move to Canada. Hopefully someone will put it on Youtube.

Since its a joint venture with Glory you might be able to watch it online at

Any one have any info for the US?
I may have heard online pay-per-view, which would suck for lack of DVR-ability

According to it will be streaming with the Glory card, but when I go to the glory PPV website it says nothing about DREAM.18. Says the stream is $20 which I'll gladly pay if DREAM is included, not seeing that though.

Thanks caposa, youre the man. I'm gonna take it one step further and hopefully ask them on their website?

Well in the title now it says that both will be broadcast. Now we just need to find out what time it starts.

f'ing pumped that I will be able to watch the whole card on The Fight Network.

The more fights that get added, the more I am determined to watch the whole show. I think it's up to like 24 fights last time I checked.

Schiavello says he is not doing the card, which probably rules out Axis TV.
Here is the tweet, but I don't know how post it neatly like I have seen with other tweets.

Michael Schiavello ?@SchiavelloVOICE
"@rowed_rage: @SchiavelloVOICE Brother, will you be commentating the Dream/ Glory show?" Nope

Reed Rothchild - Hopefully it will be on AXS TV (the former HDNET) Phone Post

Too bad it's not in Canada Phone Post

TFN is showing it live

I hope it's boht shows.
I'm very excite for this carde, i traine, i sleepy.
Im ready for fighte.

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TFN is showing it live

Is there Amur to get The Fight Network in the U.S.? Phone Post

no idea

but they are showing it live the 31st for sure per their commercials