how do pros train?

the reason i ask this is because, famous fighter come and train at the gym i attend,.. and i only see them, lifting weifghs, and punching the shit out of bags on the ground,
why not roll, and spar, is it ego?they dont want to be seen possibly getting their ass kicked?in a disciplined,that's not their strenght.... is that the reason their so many one dimensional fighters?

one must find out for themselves. ever heard of asking that pro??

yeah many times if a guy is in town visiting, and stops by a gym, it is because he has something coming and needs to work out. Otherwise, no one is goin on vacation just seeking out places to train.

So with that in mind, they may have a specific workout plan in mind coming in, so that could be a reason they dont play with everybody. And, like mentioned above, if you are a recognized guy, you dont want everyone in the gym who has been training for 6 months taking a shot at you and going a little harder and possibly injuring you

how do pros train?

pretty much depends on 'the pro' in question i presume