How Do U Imagine to be How Terrible LIBERAL LEFT COAST LIFE?

just how do you imagine it to be?



I stay out of LA and only go there when I need to. Life isn’t that bad here: beautiful bitches and beaches, great food, and awesome weather. But the gun laws suck and the cost of pretty much everything is through the roof. But I’m not a Poor so it’s not that bad.


Eh, I’m fine but my chick bitching about it constantly is getting on my nerves. Apparently she thinks we will have more money if we move somewhere cheaper but can’t grasp the fact that we will be making less in the middle of nowhere and it will even out. She also has a tenuous grasp on the reality of which one of us is truely racist.


^I could sell the HOUSE, pocket some PROFIT and move elsewhere yet what I would be giving up is BEACHES, MOUNTAINS, FORESTS, DESERTS, all within a reasonable drive distance one from the other!

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