How do we post pics?

I tried to do it on another thread but it wasnt working the old way But it didnt work. Thanks for any help.



Forum Settings

<input type="hidden" name="formName" value="forumSettings" />
<table class="data_table">
        <tr class="data_row">
            <td class="data_row_field_title">Default Forum:</td>
            <td><input id="isUsingFrames0" type="radio" name="isUsingFrames" value="0" /> <label for="isUsingFrames0">No Frames</label><br />
            <input id="isUsingFrames1" type="radio" checked="checked" name="isUsingFrames" value="1" /> <label for="isUsingFrames1">Frames, aka 'old school ug'</label></td>
        <tr class="data_row">
            <td class="data_row_field_title">Profile Images In Forum:</td>
            <td><input id="isViewingImages0" type="radio" name="isViewingImages" value="0" /> <label for="isViewingImages0">Hide Images</label><br />
            <input id="isViewingImages1" type="radio" checked="checked" name="isViewingImages" value="1" /> <label for="isViewingImages1">Show Images</label></td>
        <tr class="data_row">
            <td class="data_row_field_title">Posting Color:</td>
            <td><input id="postingColor-r" type="radio" name="postingColor" value="r" /> <label for="postingColor-r">Black</label><br />
            <input id="postingColor-p" type="radio" checked="checked" name="postingColor" value="p" /> <label for="postingColor-p">Blue</label><br />
        <tr class="data_row">
            <td class="data_row_field_title">HTML Editor Status:</td>
            <td><input id="isUsingHTMLEditor0" type="radio" name="isUsingHTMLEditor" value="0" /> <label for="isUsingHTMLEditor0">Turn off embedded HTML editor</label><br />
            <input id="isUsingHTMLEditor1" type="radio" checked="checked" name="isUsingHTMLEditor" value="1" /> <label for="isUsingHTMLEditor1">Turn on embedded HTML editor</label></td>
        <tr class="data_bedding">
            <td colspan="2"><input class="data_button" type="submit" name="submit" value="Save" /></td>

Turn your HTML Editor on brotha!

 So we can't resize text anymore?

Good question. I guess I should look into that, lol.



what if you click on the video button next to "type" where it gives you an option between standard and video?

that didn't work for shit.





For video, I just clicked standard and it worked fine for me.



 <img src=>


Still not working.


^ sorry man i am trying too so far i have eliminated every single option lol

shit i can't do it Alco Hauler howd you do that

 Trying multiple images: