How do you become a pro fighter

My question is how do these guys in Pride and the UFC find the time and have the money to train like they do? Whats their main source of income?

It's a legit question.

I would assume working your way up training part time (at an inexpensive place) while holding down a job, fighting for small purses, getting some wins and building your name. Once your name gets built up a little, I imagine the purses get bigger and bigger, and sponsors come on board. If you keep on the winning track and are fighting for good purses and have lots of good sponsors and a team/school that doesn't charge you an arm and a leg, and get some other sources of revenue going (seminars, instructionals, merchandise) you can afford to train full time.

All assumptions though.

"I look at it this way, if you are that good, they will find you. "

Well said.

the people who are A level fighters trained when they where young while they lived with ma and pa. To start training to make a living at fighting after your out on your own would be stupid and a waste of time.

joeystrongbone is right im out on my own and i find the time to train, not as much as i should, but there arent even any half way decent places to train near me so im training myself

That sounds like a winning plan Joey.