How do you carry your money?

Cool wallet? Man purse? Wad of cash with a rubber band around it?

I personally carry a sack with a dollar sign on it.


I’m an adult, with a bank account.

I use that.


People who don’t carry cash are chumps. What if you’re driving and you see a roadside stand that sells stamps for cash only?!



I carry 2 wallets. One is the fake wallet I give to a potential robber and the other one is minimalist wallet with just my credit cards and ID.


I stop, laugh, and go about my day being an adult.

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wad in the prison wallet


Hey stamp collecting is very adult! Most of the guys in my stamp collecting club are in their 70s!

So how about you shut up!

Why does everything have to end with wads in your butt?

Seek help!

it’s my safety deposit box


You should get some pajamas with the butt flap so your safety deposit box has a door!

I probably haven’t carried cash on me in 10+ years except a couple times when holidaying in countries that aren’t so card friendly.

I should carry some cash. What’s a good amount of cash to have on hand? Both in the house and when you’re out?

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About tree fitty oughta do ya…


I usually have around 10-12$ on me.

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Ah, forget about it. If you’ve got 10 years without carrying cash why start now?

I’m with you, man. I haven’t carried cash in ages. I’ve no need for it. That’s what my debit & credit cards are for. And if something comes up where I need cash then that’s what ATMs are for. Almost every bank, store, restaurant & bar has one. So, I’m good without a pocket full of cash to keep track of.

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Not a bad idea to have a couple grand in mixed bills at home. We had a hurricane roll through here years ago and the powers was out for days. Many places became cash-only, and you couldn’t expect them to have change. Which is why mixed bills are important. If something cost $60 and all you have are $100 bills and they don’t have change, well you’re going to end up paying $100 for a $60 item


Well not all of us are senile old guys who can’t keep track of things that are in our pockets/money sacks!

Just kidding. Love ya buddy.

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I don’t usually carry a ton of cash but when I get paid I usually pull $100 out to have some cash on me for certain situations.

Carried in my wallet mostly but occasionally have a nice shirt pocket on me to keep it in.

Oh yeah, this is what I carry my cards & ID in. I love it. I’ve always hated carrying a bulky wallet. Especially in my back pocket. So, with my Ridge wallet, I can carry it in my hip pocket with no discomfort & no bulk at all.


Yeah i have cheapo version of same thing… It’s hard to give up, but it did come with a money clip i just took it off… i could just put it back on.

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