How do you CCW to the gym?

“Mothefuckin Charlie Brownson…Mr. Majestyk”

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I would wear regular clothes with a belt and a kydex holster and change at the gym.

If you are going to carry you might as well do it the right way, I think.

If you’re rolling with the gi the easiest is to sew a loop on the inside left lapel just below your left nipple.

Then you can whip it out if someone is about to tap you and say “yeah good jitz bro, but in the streets that shit wouldn’t have worked since I’ve got my piece. Could’ve blown you away - so just know it’s not all fun and games with a real maddawg like me”

No gi I’ve found best is an XXXXL cup and just store it in there next to your other piece. Packin heat x2


LCP custom in Desantis Super Fly. Put in gym bag before walking in. Put in pocket before walking out.

Just sling a rifle over your shoulder and go about your business


Same as normal, just flex brother!

Edited the OP:

I go to BJJ and kickboxing 4 nights a week. This means that I get home from the office (or work at home all day) and put on gym clothes, like, no gi shit (shorts, t-shirt/rash gaurd, and a hoodie, flip flops, etc.) and will head to train. 3 nights a week I go lift first at a different gym. I often will go to the gym on the weekends too. This means to and from the gym and I often take trips to the store or run errands in my gym shit. As a result, I wear gym clothes about 80% of the time that I am out of the house.

So, I am wondering what other OG’ers who carry do. I am not talking about carrying while lifting weights or while rolling, that would be ridiculous. I am looking at how CCW carriers who wear gym clothes all the time manage to carry. TO AND FROM the gym. I think I found my answer, looking at fanny pack carry. Anyone do it? How does it work? Pros/cons? Any particular pack you like?

Most of my shorts do not have pockets. These are traning shorts, like for BJJ and Muay Thai. No pockets. I guess what I am saying/realizing is that a holster that is held up by my pants (pocket, IWB, clip, etc) is out of the question. I am not a big fan of backpack/gym bag carry but it is probably the next best option. But the fanny pack… I am liking this. I may start a thread specifically on fanny pack carry as this thread is a train wreck.

Yeah, thats nuts. I am definitely not talking about carrying while training, I am just wondering how others who spend half of their life wearing gym clothes carry to/from the gym.

If you need to carry daily you need to move to a better area or state.

That’s quite the fallacy and even if true wouldn’t always be possible for everyone.

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I live in a great suburb of Denver. This is not about being in a bad area. This isn’t a discussion about carry. I want to, and I can, and I do, and I will. This is a discussion about a particular carry method that I haven’t figured out and seeing if any OG’ers had ideas.

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What’s a fallacy? That shitty neighborhoods have a higher violent crime rate than non-shitty neighborhoods?

Do you get into a lot of duels at high noon on the way to boxercise class? Cant you tuck it into your tights?

I just saw an ad somewhere for CC jogging pants. Can’t remember where I saw it at tho.

Try a belly band. You instantly lose your man card, but it holds pretty well when wearing gym gear

Try a fanny pack. Yoy can get a cheap one at wal mart, or amazon. Not as easy to access as IWB. I use one when kayaking or on my bike.

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Use a sticky holster or remora and put it in the waistband

Ruger LCP .380 bodyguard with belt clip accessory. Get it off amazon. Clips to anything, good for front pocket carry. Clip will keep it secure (i like to put mine inside my right hip belt line.

Personally, I don’t go to commercial gyms as I have one at my house. But when I did carry to gyms or quick errands, this was my go-to.