How do you defend this guard pass?

When you have your feet in the guys hips and he is standing, he backs out slightly and steps around your legs putting you in side control.

I find that sitting up just makes it easier for him since you are taking your feet out of his hips when you sit up. What do you guys do to deal with this?

Sit up and scoot underneath him controlling a leg and maybe an arm. Take is base away.

By the time you sit up he has already sidestepped your legs and is into side control. NOBODY has encountered this or has any solutions?

are you controling his sleeves?

If you have your feet on his hips, your left hand controlling his right gi sleeve, and your right hand holding his lapel with an underhand grip behind his neck, pulling him down to break his posture, then he won't be coming around your guard.


...I might write some of my ideas on this later, when I have more time...

The time to beat the pass is not after he has already passed and has side control.

Assuming that you have some sort of grip on him, his backing out should pull you up.

In this situation, like half guard, my goal is always to attack. Get underneath and control the base, not to try to lay there and fight from my back.

If he creates space by backing away, attack.

Thanks for the replies. It's at a time when I don't have sleeve control or any grips on him. It can be after a transition when you recover guard and then he stands and grabs your pants at the knees or lower. I try to get grips or go for an arm drag but he is already past when I sit up. I know if you lay there on your back the same thing will happen. It's hard to go to the knees cuz he has the pants and by the time he lets go he is in side control.

All your base are belong to Leo and Aesopian. Check out these clips and begin sweeping:

Oh, and DON'T let him control your pants at the knees! No one bothered to tell me this concept until blue belt, and it made my life SOOO much easier. EVERY time he stands and grabs your knees, you have to sit up (usually to one side) and strip off at least one of his grips. I usually like to strip by overhooking his hand with my forearm and pulling up/back. Controlling one of your knees is usually ok; controlling both, he will pass every time.

Put your hand on his hip and stall the pass till he lets go of a leg. Then put that knee in his chest or work for something else.

what the hell are you doing with your feet on his hips without controling a sleeve, lapel, and/or ankle

IF you must - feet hooks behind his knees - not on hips

The solution is simple. Don't put your feet on his hips without first
controlling his hands first. Otherwise, you are offering him an easy

Also, check out what Roy Harris does at the end of this clip:

The technique Roy showed can also be a nice drill to do!

all of the above plus, as he goes past you to the left , right hand grips his right lapel, left hand tucks his head down under then reaches through for his oposite shoulder. The more he forces the pass, the tighter the loop choke gets.

This is kind of hard to explain without vid or pictures, I'll see if I can find a link.

Weave one leg to his bicep and create spiderguard. If he is holding your leg, bring your knee in which will bring his grip in. Then grab his sleeve and lock out the leg. Once you have broken his grip on one side, you can do a lot from there.

As he opens the guard, just before you would normally put your feet in his hips, grab both of his sleeves. If you can't get his sleeves (he is too fast), either pull your knees into your chest (as he reaches in to grab a leg, you grab his sleeve) or stand up or put your feet on the floor or spider guard or..
Basically, don't let him grab your pants without grabbing his sleeves.

Roll into a kneebar

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Imanari leglocks
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