How do you do a reverse body lift?

in freestyle?


The reverse body lift is used more in Greco because the opponent (getting lifted) cannot grab the lifters legs to counter.

You don't typically see the reverse body lift in elite freestyle wrestling.

Basically, you get both knees on one side of your opponent (let's say left side). Reach over the small of his back with your left hand and under his gut (low near the hips) with your right hand.

You will need to elevate his hips in some fashion to get your hands under his hips & secure the lock. This can be done by tickling him, or by pulling his far hip up onto your lap to create a little space.

As soon as you have the lock, post your right foot on the mat and begin pulling him up to your hip area. Typically, your left knee will be on the mat during this initial lift. once you begin to elevate your opponent, bring your left leg to a standing position also.

Rotate his lower body to your left throwing his hips, knees & feet over his head & shoulders. Your opponent will usually land on his head & shoulders when you throw. Keep your lock on his hips and try for the fall with all your weight on your opponten & his hips locked.

Don't know if this is clear enough, but hope it helps.



thanks that was very clear. you would score 5 + 1 for that?

yes you would, this one is one of my favorites so i'll tell you the way i do it.

first from the par terre and drop my left hip right into the small of the back to pin the hips down. i am facing their feet as i do this.
second i use my left hand to pry up their right hip. use the natural "handle" inside their hip.
third i wrap that left arm underneath his stomach in sort of a reverse tight waist type of movement.
next get the right arm underneath and secure my hands in the same grip you would use for a cradle.
next i come up into a low squat both knees off the ground. from there i stand up the same way you would with a full squat keeping my lock
they are now completely off the floor and they are resting on my hip.
finally you complete by arching and throwing them with amplitude onto their head/neck/shoulders.

five points+1 if you get enough amplitude

do you push down to speed them up as they head towards the floor for more impact? what possible counters can they do freestyle and how would you counter or preempt those counters?

whitfield thats how I hit it too...

I set it up almost the same way but I turn towards their feet,give them the pressure point lift on their hip bones (if you do it right they literally will hop up a bit to relieve the pain) lock and pull them up onto my right leg and knee...Once I lock up fully and have them loaded, I literally hop to the squat...then lift..

I'm on top, supposing I'm going to lift you to your right side..

my right arm goes to your right wrist, and I lean weight there, my left arm goes around your waist like I'm starting a gutwrench. as you begin to defend the "gutwrench" my right knee goes behind your right elbow, and my left knee beside your hip and spread my knees some(this will keep you from blocking me by touching your elbow to your knee., I use the arm around the waist to open you up to lock up the reverse bodylock. I then drag you up my knees, and onto my hip. left leg steps up, and I slightly rotate towards your feet to assist the lift, then rotate back towards the head, you should be upright, with him lifted considerably high off the ground. your lock should be around the hip closest to you, squeeze down tight, arch slightly, and put him down for the touchfall.

do you really try to forcefully slam him into the ground? how would a good opponent react to defend this? thanks for all the descriptions by the way.

slamming him with force gets you no extra points. In wrestling, the primary goal is to pin the other guy, so by aiming him onto his shoulders and planting him that way, you'll end the match, rather than just putting points on the board.

A good opponent will defend by bringing his knee and elbow together, to block your locking up (which is why the setup I described works so darned well) once you've locked it up, he may try a variety of things. He'll turn his hip into you, so that you can't rotate him over to his back. he may stand up and try to reverse lift you himself. He might crawl his upper body between your legs.. if you're in a freestyle situation, he'll grab your legs, most likely in between your legs (switch to a front headlock at this point) he might wrap his leg around your legs as well.

in freestyle they will grab your legs, but try to find a tape of how rulon defended it, he did it nearly perfect. as they try to lift you circle with them on your hands and knees so that they have to keep readjusting and thus cant lift u

samoo, would using more force/speed make it more likely to
score a touche pin or should you just try and be accurate in
the way you set him down? should you try to lift the guy up
really high? is there a chance you would score less than a 5
+1 if you didn't?

well, you'll need some force and speed, as you need him to stick to the mat. also, if you throw him so hard you knock him silly, you can get the fall rather easily. If I lift him really high, I'm going to try and rotate him upside down so I can spike him, doesn't happen real often. the 5+1 is nice, BUT if you can pin him with a 3+1, why spend the effort for the 5? it looks nice, but it's not as practical. of course, if you're leading by 4 or more points, and you don't need the fall to get out of your pool, the 5+1 will work.

i've never gotten less than a 5 off that one. its just the way i arch it i guess

what do you mean by spike him? slam him straight down on his head? ouch

also i would think the 5+1 would be insurance in case for
some reason you don't get the pin, you would obviously be
that much closer to the tech fall. wouldn't the extra effort be
worth the two points in that case?

yes when we say spike him, we mean to slam him directly onto his head and shoulders. always in freestyle and greco i go for amplitude to get the extra points, always

and you run the risk of severely over rotating him. leaning to the side, placing your weight on him, and insuring the fall is a safer bet. a 5 point throw will get your more "ooohs" and "aaaahs", If I throw it for 3, I will still have you on your back, and can work for a fall rather than a touchfall.. If I get the 5, momentum will probably take you off of your back if I don't stick you. I throw you for 5, I still have to work to finish the match. I throw you for a touch fall, we're done.

thats definitely a good point, but at my age most guys get hit with a 5 and just quit. it breaks their spirit

and most of us aren't training to whip a 16 year olds ass....

thanks for the discussion guys. i am a beginner so i don't have all of these perspectives straight yet.