how do you do these exercises?

never heard of some of these exercises...

-scott curls

-california presses

-standing zottman curls


k, forget about the zottman curls, just found out what they are...

and think the scott curls are just preacher curls

so really just need to know how to do a California press

forget about everything, found out what california presses are, lol

forget about everything, sorry


OK, how's about posting a description then, you have me intrigued

scott curls = preacher curls

california presses = a mix between a close grip bench press and a french press.

standing zottman curls = do a regular bicep curl with dumbells, only turn your hands on the way down, so palms are facing kinda like your doing biceps on the way up, and forearms on the way down.

ta muchly