How do you feel about your job?

At this point, I don’t mind the job but I absolutely despise the people that also work here. I wouldn’t be sad or miss them if they all dropped dead immediately.

Neutral about it - it’s a paycheck and health insurance.

I put neutral, but should probably say i like it. Been at home since covid and almost everyone is back so im liking that, very casual non corporate company, been there 24 years this december, could NOT replace my pay if i left. Cool with the bosses and owners. No “supervision” can literally come and go as i please asong as theres some coverage for one part of my job. They have worked with me and everyone over the years with “life” things that come up. That stuff is kinda priceless if you have kids or family health issues come up. If i had to work for less and schedule a day off weeks in advance to be “approved” not sure i could do it.

Ok, i love it for those reasons, what i “do” neutral

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Very good compensation, helping people.when they need it most. I would love it, but we also have to deal with administration.

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