How do you get a Green Name?

Im a fighter, but i don't have a green name? any reason?

Gotta have a confirmed fight on a pro card, I think. Email kirik.

I'm so FUCKIN' tired of explaining how to do this. But I'm a nice guy, so, here goes (for the 50th time)

Irish fighters primarily get the green names. BUT...

If you can prove lineage to any Irish New York gang circa 1870, you get the green name.

Alternately, you can donate a fist-sized emerald to MMA.TV (engraved with the letters KTFO) and get the green name.

If you are jealous enough of the greenness of a green-namer's name, you can get a green name.

The only other way would be to write a limerick to Kirik, done in furious style, explaining why you deserve the green name.

That's it. Can we put this in the FAQ already?

Rich made it look easy... doesn't mean it would be easy for anyone else! (like Tito)

All I know is, on my computer every name is friggen pink. I didnt even know there where colored names anymore.

You must get paid to fight at a legit event.  Then you email Kirik and it gets taken care of.

That's all

"doesn't mean it would be easy for anyone else! (like Tito)"

Actually it was easy for Tito.
(oh right the knee...whatever)