How do you go about complaining about food?

"This is the exact reason 90% of the time I wouldn't complain, because of touchy asshole cooks like yourself"

Only regulars would use the line. If you go somewhere all the time you're bound to get something a little off one time. Just say it. Phone Post 3.0

I yell at the server and tell him that "This is low grade dog food. This steak still has marks from where the jockey was hitting it."

I almost never send anything back, unless it is clearly not prepared the way it is described on the menu. For example, if they cover something in a sauce, but the menu did not mention any sauce. If I don't like the sauce, I will tell the waiter so, and ask for something else.

I've worked in restaurants for several years and I've only seen one guy get his food fucked with.  He was a dickhead manager at the establishment and the server put his balls on the guys scrambled eggs.


Generally I worked at nice places with nice staff so they didn't mess around.  If a mistake was made it gets fixed most of the time.


My advice, let your server know what happened and give them a chance to fix it.  If you don't like this option ask to speak to a manager.  Most restaurant managers will bend over backwards to accomodate a guest, especially if a mistake was made.


Try to be tactful and nice.  There is no need to be a dick over a mistake.  You'll often find places that will more than make up the mistake to you, especially if you can be civilized about everything.


That is all.........they usually get the point.

A while back me, my brother, and my dad ate at some restaurant in gettysburg. Pops ordered some collard greens, we never had it before.

Shit stunk so bad. Looked disgusting. No way he was eating it. He paid me and my brother 100 bucks to take a bite and chew on it for 30 seconds then swallow it.

I earned every cent of that money.

That's what happens when you get shitty food with CaptainKook's family.

I actually never complain, ever. I think it is fucking rude. I've left dates at the restaurant because of this. I'm pro-struggle for the pizza man. Fuck those hoes.

Wait, dude your name is Dom? How the fuck did that happen? An Italian ginger? Wtf? Phone Post 3.0

Now get that rich.

LOL@ dude putting his balls on scrambled eggs

I don't send food back. If it's bad, I don't eat it, and I don't return to the restaurant. I frequently try out new places to see if the food is good, and sometimes it turns out that it's NOT good. Lesson learned.

That being said, any halfway decent server will notice that you didn't eat your food, ask about it, and try to rectify the problem. If they ask, I'll answer honestly and specifically (too salty, too tough, hammered, etc.).

Garv - 

When I'm out of NY, I usually say, hey you should come to NY and learn how to make real pizza. Even if I like it.

You should come to New Haven and learn how to make real pizza.

If it's an obvious mistake I mention it. If I order something new and just don't like it then I deal with it. But that being said, I've never sent anything back.. it's usually me doing it for the wife haha

Why did you quit making the blueberry pizza? I've got it at your place for years. Phone Post 3.0

Garv -

When I'm out of NY, I usually say, hey you should come to NY and learn how to make real pizza. Even if I like it.

I've been out for 10 years and I STILL do this!
And it's true. I'm in Iowa and I can't stomach the locals raving about papa johns and Pizza Hut-esque type joints out here that essentially serve cheese bread cut in fucking squares and call it pizza!!

pant, pant, pant

Ok sorry.

Passionate about pizza.... Phone Post 3.0

I've only "complained" a couple times even something was way over or under cooked. And even then, I wait until the waiter comes by to ask how things are...and I still kind of whispered it.

Whatever is worse than a beta, that's what I am during these exchanges. Phone Post 3.0

I had dinner at a nice hotel steakhouse I'm downtown los Angeles. 340 a night room.

Anyway half my steak was not cooked right. Sent an email when we got home. They mailed me a voucher for two nights in a suite and free dinner in the steakhouse. Phone Post 3.0

So most of you will not complain about awful food and (judging by tipping threads) then will tip 30+% on it?

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DomenicVelluso - Dom, listen my family own Italian restaurants in southern California and sometimes my uncle tries new types of tomatoes... Depending on the quality and type of tomatoes the sauce can taste different.

Don't be so sensitive and self conscious. Phone Post 3.0
It's because they know we didn't . Looks it's rare but I've heard it before

It is weird how apologetic people are in restaurants when returning something. Like the waitress is going to cook not to spit in it cause they were nice. It's like apologizing to homeless people when you don't have change

If I get bad food somewhere I just don't go back Phone Post 3.0

This. I don't complain, you just lose my business for life.

I either eat it anyway or just tell them I do not like it and wouldn't care for anything else. If I was in a really upscale place I would consider sending it back but under normal circumstances I wouldn't chance it. Phone Post 3.0