How do you go about firing a judge?

After reading Cecil Peoples reasoning for awarding Machida the fight it is clear he has no place judging MMA.

You may or may not agree with the final decision, but that is not the point here.

Cecil actually believes that running away is a form of octagon control, simply because it makes the opponent come to you.

For some reason he thinks legkicks should not count because they do not finish fights. Yeah, he actually said that.

Last but not least, he claims that the fighter throwing the most accurate, crisp and damaging strikes should be the one to win the fight. I agree with this. However, Shogun won on all counts, yet lost the fight.

So my question is this: How can we get this man (and others like him) replaced? This is not the first fight he has fucked up (understatement of the year). Something has to be done.


You're taking his leg kicks thing a bit far. He said they don't finish fights but never said they shouldn't count....

But I have to agree that this man continually screws fighters and should not be anywhere near the judges table.... actually, I don't think he ever is near the judges table. I swear he's twittering or playing his PSP during most fights.

"I recognize the fact that Rua did have a few takedown attempts during the course of the fight however Lyoto defended them all successfully which counts as effective grappling in his favour, where as ununsuccessful takedown attempts are not scored at all."

this is crazy

fire all the judges

This cannot be the first time someone has tried to get him fired, or revoke his MMA juding licence(if there is such a thing)?

Where are the other judges when you need them?

 How the hell do you get to be a judge in the first place.  As if these athletic commisions weren't corrupt to the core right.  I'd love to make a career of being a bad judge in every other State like Peoples, seems like he's a judge everywhere, and sucks everywhere.  Same goes for I'd say 75% of all judges, MMA, and boxing.

Why the hell aren't there simple rules, where don't they use retired fighters from those sports as judges.  Boxing judges should be retired refs, boxers.  MMA judges should be retired refs, fighters, etc.. or freaking pick anyone who actually knows the sport they're competing in.


You would need to completely revamp the NSAC and CSAC, they are made up of old guys that have been there forever that give all their old buddies work.. you could start by complaining to the CADCA who oversees the CSAC..

there was an article awhile back about how most of the appointee's at the NSAC also just happened to also be the governor's biggest campaign contributors.. I'll try to find it..

basically its political..

Fuck the athletic commissions. They are the single greatest obstacle to the advancement of the sport.

 So the NSAC on a state level is like Ambassadorships on a National level.  All the Presidents top donors get obligatory Ambassadorships to whatever country.  Probably not just NSAC and CSAC, probably 90% of commissions if not more.  All state and local gubment is good ole boy politics.

I just created a thread on the comment he made about octagon control!! That is not excusable

Hate to say it but they need to take advantage of going overseas more.  Can even put on, what are they called, I forget.. oh yeah.. TOURN A MENTS if they wanted to... away from the watchful eye of the athletic commisions

plus if you are corrupt and do what you're told like Armondo Garcia there will be a nice cushy job waiting for you at Station Casino's when they finally catch you..

 Can't fight city hall, fren

Maybe you idiots need to realize that Machida won the fight and based off Cecil's reply, I agree 100% of how the fight went.

I do not care how the fight went. I care about how it was judged.

If you agree with Cecil's reasoning you must have taken a few too many shots to the head :)