How do you guys cope with loss?

Do you meditate? get drunk? what do you do?

Because I think I'm gonna be sick.

Won like 50 from a freeroll last month. Built it up to 1100. Just yesterday, I had all signs pointing to me not to play, mainly I was just not into it. And I lost it all.

I can't believe it. I went against every rule I put forth against me. Started off with a badbeat, tilt, badbeat,tilt, risk whole stack on unfamiliar playing field...

I'm mainly upset now because I won't have a backup for buying christmas presents. It was that vision that kept me going. Now my mind is just really drained.

You know what really upsets me? I had up to 600 on another site before this incident same story.

I guess I should have learned my lesson. I'm a fool.

I won't be playing for awhile, but for sure this is going to have an impact on the way that I study. It will leave me more time to hit the books, but this loss in particular, will have serious implications to my mind...for now

1st off: give Santino back his name. LOL. 2nd, I religiously wash my hands when I feel the tilt coming. It's how I "wash my hands" of the evil of the bad beat. Stupid? Yeah, but it helps me get back on point.

Look at it this way, you didn't lose any of yout real money, just some free money you won, then increased it by 2200% then returned it. You got some free entertainment.

If it makes you feel any better I'm down about $900 since I started playing 6 months ago.

"How do you guys cope with loss?"

porterhouse, IMO


hehe nice one. I use to do that so agressively when I had trouble passing 800.

"Look at it this way, you didn't lose any of yout real money, just some free money you won, then increased it by 2200% then returned it. You got some free entertainment.

If it makes you feel any better I'm down about $900 since I started playing 6 months ago."

Sorry to hear about that loss. Yeah I guess it was free money, but there was an opportunity cost where so much time could have been spent doing other important things or getting better rest.

Overall, I think I'm over it now. Really upset when I went to bed that day. I feel like I can concentrate better now. :)

"How do you guys cope with loss?"

Some times I throw stuff...

After throwing my mouse across the room and swearing I try and get things into perspective. It's only money, and money I can afford to lose, so it's not such a big deal. At least I can afford to gamble with it for fun - many cannot.

Good post-

Being frustrated is definitely counter-productive, but staying calm is easier said than done.

Depends what kind of beat it was. When you get a ridiculous call and some unholy SOB catches running cards - and then ridicules you - it is very hard not to go postal.

I wrote a few papers on gambling aggression last year - on slots though - and the amount of people that prescribe is astounding

For some people thats the 'juice' though - the ups and downs - it makes life entertaining

EG. When I was 9 I fell in love with a 36 year old beautiful married woman. I told her I loved her but she declined me. So in my distress I put a cyanide pill in my mouth, put a noose around my neck and jumped off of the Brooklyn bridge. As I jumped a tug boat passing cut the rope and I vomited the pill back up. The woman was watching and said to me 'wow that was so brave, i love you' and I said 'No thanks, you're just too easy': Axel Freed

But JM is totally correct -enforced time outs are definitely the way to go

What the industry wants is people's rational judgement suspended and people to be reacting recklessly with emotion - if you keep that in mind it is easier to force yourself to take a step away.

But don't listen to me: I had $400 on Denver last weekend and when he didn't run out of bounds the whole street knew my feelings on the matter

It depends. If I play my best game, and take a bad beat I am cool with it.

Last night in a $20+2 tourney I'm short stacked with KK in the cut off, guy before me raises $750, I go all in with $950, small blind with $9200 waits 10 seconds and calls my $950, guy before me goes all in for $1150, big blind calls. 3 players. Big blind shows 55, me and the other guy BOTH show KK. SWEET, me and the other guy are going to double up and split the pot...nope flop brings a 5 and we both lose to his set of 5's. I just got up out of my chair and laughed, nothing I could do. I played the hand correctly, got my money in with the best hand and lost on the flop. Oh well, poker is one crazy fucking game.

If I make a stupid mistake and it's my fault then I get more upset. I always write down in my notes after an SnG and list what mistakes I make, so hopefully I learn from them and don't repeat them. Amazing how well this works.

philosophy: you can't control the past, all you can do
is direct your efforts regarding the future.

Also I drink beer and sometimes punch the bed next to
the computer and say stuff like "fucking asshole calls
a 10X bb bet preflop with K8o???"

read poker forums, improve your game. Every time you end a losing session, put time into reading forums and understanding and improving your game.

As a rule I don't play when I'm mad, tired, or hungry. Impatience will destroy your bankroll. ACT as a professional, you wouldn't step into a MMA fight without preparing mentally before hand would you?

Comparing poker with mma.

And people tell me that poker is not competitive!

Good analogy, you wouldn't believe how many sports stars play poker and do reasonably well, because of the massive overlap in characteristics needed for success.

Poker smoker toker.

That rhymes.

Losing, just don't let it bother you!

You should be the best or one of the best players in your game so you know you are a favorite to get it back and then some.

Oh wait you aren't on e of the best in the game! Then read the right books and start playing correctly, also play at a limit whre you are a favorite in the game.

Losing rarely bothers me, I never like it of course.

I have to lose its part of the game! But it still is a great game, where the best man has the most success the longer time goes on.

Going to cabo tommorrow on the money I won from people not playing good poker.

smoke break, bye bye

i usually flush my head down the toilet

i just got back from costa ricca on OPPM(other peoples poker money).

if you look at poker as one big long game game with breaks its a lot easier to accept your losses. as long as your net winnings slope is pointing up, be happy.

One thing that helps me is to have a LARGE bankroll, more than the recommended 300 Big Bets. It's much harder to take a bad beat when you barely have any money left for the level you are playing at.

For example, I keep about 350-400 Big bets for the level I play at. My worst losing atreak was 220 big bets, just over half of my bankroll.

One of the things I do that realy helps me is to force mysel to laugh when I get a bad beat. I know it sounds kind of weired but it realy helps me. It helps to put things in perspective, you are the one who did everything right he made the bad call and got lucky.