How do you guys find new music?

Specifically, non-mainstream music.

I've always listened to punk and hardcore and never listened to nickel back or the smashing pumpkins or classic rock or stuff like that.

Where the hell can I search online for new and upcoming bands (with quality recordings)? Phone Post 3.0

I wanna no to Phone Post 3.0

Pandora usually Phone Post 3.0

Spotify is pretty reliable in this sense actually.

You can also see who is opening for bands you like now that still aren't considered mainstream.

Another option is to look at certain record labels that give bands a chance. Just see who your favorite artists started out with and then look at their current artists. Phone Post 3.0

Youtube. Phone Post 3.0

Pandora, found a bunch of new stuff I would never have without it. Phone Post 3.0

FETT_TFK_El Pescadero - Pandora usually Phone Post 3.0
This Phone Post 3.0

I usually look up classic ish bands I'm less familiar with and check out their catalogue.

Being born in 91 and fairly music illiterate, there is a shit tonne to find.

Spent a few years focusing on 90s grunge shit and other bands like pumpkins, 3rd eye blind, Weezer etc.

Recently I ve been Hooked on the cure, back on billy Joel, a little fleetwood Mac, Rolling Stones.

For newer shit I just listen to the radio or write down a lyric when I hear a song I like Phone Post 3.0 Phone Post 3.0

Spotify. Spotify. Spotify. It's the best 10 bucks per month you can spend if you're a true music fan/junkie. Found so much great music this way. Amazing fucking service. Phone Post 3.0

Songza Phone Post 3.0

Pandora and Spotify. Phone Post 3.0

For metal, I used to pick up the Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles magazine. It would come with a CD with a bunch of new songs from new bands and new songs from old bands. It turned me on to a bunch of bands I probably never would've heard of without it. Phone Post 3.0

I usually check out youtube, pandora, wsou pirate radio once in a blue moon and I spent a ton of time at a place called vintage vinyl. That place opened so many doors. Went in there one time and described some crazy "sound" I had in my head because I needed some new tunes, well what do you know they hooked me up with some crazy music. Phone Post 3.0

I'm into the non-nashville country scene. I go to or for the Americana flair I will listen to radio new braunfels at Phone Post 3.0

for new punk rock I usually check out things based on the label. like say if a new album is being released by No Idea i'll probably like it. second is other bands that are touring or doing splits with bands i already like.

YouTube. Encyclopedia Metallum or however it is spelled. Google "insert country here" metal Bands. I found Ulytau from Kazakhstan, Sad Alice Said from the Ukraine, and Skinflint from Botswana.

Used to spend hours in a record store searching through bins looking for something new.


Now it maybe an unknown band opening up for a bigger band. I got hooked on Smith Street Band when I saw them open for Frank Turner or In The Whale open for Murder by Death. More times than not, it's member of some of my favorite bands that have gone solo... Tim barry from avail, Chuck ragan from hot water music, dave Hause from the loved ones, etc...

I have about six Metal review websites that I surf regularly. I found a few reviewers that have a very similar taste in music. Once I find a great review I Youtube the shit out of the album till I find the ones I'll buy.

My wife has some really good songs come up occasionally on her pandora