How Do You Keep Yourself in Masculine Fit Condition?

what is your dietary/fitness method that keeps you looking like a Call of the Wild Cassanova instead of a Domesticated DadBod?

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I eat well, exercise daily and stretch.

On top of that, I still play sport socially and competitively.

I Fuck regularly as well, which is an awesome extra cardio workout.

Don’t worry, I drink excessively, am prone to cocaine benders and will also eat a 15 inch pizza with no regret once or twice a month also.


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Why jerk off? She gives it up freely.

Lots of masturbation and fasting

I’ll be 50 next year. I lift, do some form of cardio, and just exercise about 4 times a week. All of that to simply supplement jiujitsu which I do 4-6 times a week. I try to hit about 4 tournaments a year as well. My diet is shitty between tournaments though. And my skill set sucks but I keep going.


I have a heavy bag in my main room
So everytime I get something from my kitchen I make out with it.

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Stretch daily. 10 sets of handstand pushups supersetted with chinups once a week. 10 sets of pushups supersetted with bodyweight squats once a week. Sex the woman 4 days a week. Works for me.

How does Jujitsu feel at 49? Your body must be sore af whenever you do it.

Exercise: metabolic conditioning which is a fancy way of saying circuit training. Twice a week.

Diet: low-fat diet. I take it easy on the meat, but I include egg beaters and skim-milk. Lots of grains, legumes, and fruits and vegetables.

Mental/spiritual: I read the bible, buddhist literature, and psychology books.

42 and do jiu-jitsu daily (sometimes double sessions). Lift 3x a week. peloton bike 2x a week and firday night yoga

Diet is reasonable, but i drink too much


Bro, I’m probably the most fortunate dude around. No injuries. No nagging aches and pains. On the same token I’ve been doing it a really long time so I’ve become accustomed to minor aches and pains as normal maybe. Majority of my fingers are fucked but what are ya gonna do.

Wife is a yoga teacher and helps a lot. I’ve just been really lucky.

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I listen to the Art of Manliness podcast once in a while. One of the major things that different guests talk about when trying to stay ‘young’ is your ability to get off the floor. And it makes total sense.

I think about my parents when they were older, or my wife’s parents that are in their late 70’s right now. I never see them on the floor or ground. And if I do, they don’t exactly spring up off the ground. They look old.

On the other hand, other people I see in that age range that do things like martial arts are up and down off the ground with relative ease.

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We’ll be using stand up in base until going into the cold cold ground at 90!

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3 pints of lager and 2 packets of crisps.

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Back when my government allowed us to do things I used to play hockey 4-5, times a week. Since the lockdowns I have had to start working out at home, but am in the best overall shape of my life at the moment.

I was a workout newbie so Tony horton and the p90x videos were quite helpful.