How do you KO Mark Hunt??

Crazy Bastard took a Igor style kick from Cro Cop gets back up. Him and Lebanners fights were insane. What MMaer has a chance of KOing him?

fedor maybe? he did drop iron head fujita.

Take him down, take the mount and strike him 'til theres no tomorrow.

with 4oz gloves opposed to 10oz all it got to take is a clean good punch right on the button.

Fedor and Crocop could KO him but it'll be difficult, he's quick and fairly accurate for an overweight heavyweight. And punches hard. Maybe Silva could put him on his back and soccer-kick him in the head?

Who could KO him? The answer is obvious. That would be MMA's most exciting and accomplished striker, Kevin Randleman. Kevin has never been beaten and never will be.

I don't think most people in MMA would bother to try to knock him out. I certainly think it's possible, but why not just take him down? Seriously, I could even see Cro-Cop taking him down, just because it's likely going to be easier and less risky than trying to stand with him (a la Mo Smith and Cikatic).

Just one shot ! Just gimme one shot !

Choke him !!

Isn't Mark Hunt the brother of Mike Hunt?

take him down and tap him out. Obviously I wouldn't recommend slugging it out with the guy.

Heel hook...... Hope he learns the art of "the tap".

with 4oz gloves opposed to 10oz all it got to take is a clean good punch right on the button.


How does that address the fact that Cro-Cop kicked him in the head ala Igor and it didn't KO him? He kicked him "right on the button" and he didn't end up on the mat spooning the invisible man.

You sayin' that punches land harder than a Mirko right leg kick to the head!?


you really want to know how to KO mark hunt??? make him fight Arlovski!

Me, personally? Louisville slugger might work.

arvloski couldnt touch him in striking

punch him in the face really hard


i think if u leg kicked him enough in 1 spot he could be tko'd

I think you'd have to catch him right on the chin with a shot that he didn't see coming at all. One of those punches that lands right on the chin and turns their head head completely around to the left or right.

*Anyone* can be knocked out if hit right - some people can just take blunt trauma better than others.

With all that said, I still find it pointless to try and knock him out. Why risk that when he clearly has no ground experience and your odds would be 50X better in doing that?