How do you manage stress?

I get my girl to cuck the cum out of my sock.

Turning 40 this year and my boxing is better than ever…on the heavy bag
More speed and power than ive ever had since i started in my late teens

I took my kids to an arcade and they had the punching bag game. I got the high score breaking over 1000 and a bunch of youngins , some who were way bigger and stronger than me, were giving me props bc i beat all their scores hehe

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This guy is absolutely correct but the answer is still very expensive scotch.

I manage stress by experiencing terrible panic attacks, getting drunk, fighting with my woman and watching Cheers at 2 am while I await the sweet embrace of death. Seriously though, exercise and tackling procrastination are the only things that have ever worked for me. Want to try meditation but I always procrastinate and never start it.

One thing I notice, as I age, everything gets going earlier and earlier. I’m awake 4-5 am, every day, no alarm clock. It’s natural, just happens. I’m up, not going back.

I get a LOT done early in day. That helps my stress. Get it done, get it off my plate for the day.

I agree.

Yoga and guided meditations are a game changer. I have also added some other wellness treatments like IV therapy, hyperbaric chamber, PBM, and cryotherapy.

f you are looking for a chemical fix for stress do an IV drip therapy with magnesium.

I love to eat drink and smoke cigars. I don’t when stressed though, they aren’t a good medication and that is how you end up with problematic drinking and then have to stop and can’t even have wine with dinner.

My greatest fear is having to stop all together so I am careful.