how do you play yu-gi-oh?

like I could really give a shit but my kid has a ton of those cards and wants me to play with him. Only thing is he is only 6 and he does'nt even really even know how to play.

I told him I'd try to find out how the game is really supposed to be played. Anyone here know any sites that clearly explane this wacky game?

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you sound like cool dad...awwwww

I have never played yu-gi-oh but found this page:

he makes me happy so I try to make him happy. Check this freak out. he is the blond kid in the last two clips.

Thanks for the help.

Thats awesome Mitch. He had a nice toehold, surprised the other kid got out. Nice Armbar too! You should be a proud papa.

yeah, he's only 6. can you imagine when those kids are about ten years older? I dont put any pressure on him to train other that just getting on the mat.

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Judging from the cartoon, you pull out a card, ramble on for 2 minutes about what a frickin' badass you are and how hopeless your opponent is, spout some big numbers, and end your turn. Then, your opponent repeats the process while you shit a brick and make that "uuunh..." sound about the power of his card. Eventually, someone is revealed to be the stupid kind of evil and then you win.

I used to play Magic a little, and Vampire in tournaments. I've considered picking up some cards because some of my nephews and little cousins play at family gatherings.

my kid is such a dork. spittin image of me i guess.

I've been playing this for a couple of years now. The rules are fairly complicated, but I'm pretty sure there are simplified rules for kids.. If you pick up any of the starter deck boxes, they come with a rule book. There's a decent introduction here:

If you have any specific questions, I can try to answer them for you......... Yeah... I'm a geek :)

There's also a free PC version of the game at:

Its useful for learning the rules because it won't let you make illegal moves...