How do you rate Phil Colins? (Poll)

I Did , killa band

Awesome talent.

Check this out. True story. One of the “Twilight “ boys came to a local restaurant on his way to a wedding. It was such commotion that the news paper interviewed the lady server. They ask who she saw. The Twilight dude of course… and some old guy.

The some old guy… Phil. For real. They were traveling together and she had no idea who he was.

I lost significant faith in humanity.

Wouldn’t call him the GOAT of anything but he’s certainly one of the greats.

after 85, the only collins song i really enjoy is wish it would rain down…and it’s certainly not a top 10 for me.

with genesis; tonight, tonight, tonight from 87 is the last song i enjoy

I saw him twice in concert with his son Nick playing drums. Great shows. Wish he didn’t have the health problems he does.

Love me some Phil!

Best singing drummer.

Don Henley would like to have words with you