how do you record into computer?

I want to do some riffage and record it onto the computer...everybody else but me in the world knows how-

how do you do it!??

For a guitar?

I use Soundforge for my PC recording. I can hook you up with a 'trial' version. Depending on if it's a guitar, you may need a pre-amp. But get the appropriate adaptors to plug into yoru PC, you can record with SF (WaveLab is supposed to be good too), and you can do all the mastering, sound-editing, and FX you need.

Chief is correct. Without some sort of preamp (9volt battery stomp box works fine) your signal will probably be weak and noisey.

Sound Forge is the shit by the way..

Personally I like programs like nuendo and cubase for the multitracking.

There are lots of digital multi-effect/amp simulators out now. The Yamaha Magic Stomp is the newest kid on the block, about $200 street price and if it's as good as the DG Stomp it's well worth it.Harmony Central has some owner reviews: do I make that a link,by the way?The Yamaha Magicstomp, recently introduced by Yamaha Corporation of America, presents a new concept in effects technology. It is designed for both the studio and gigging musician. Designed for electric or acoustic/electric guitars, the Magic Stomp provides effects from the Yamaha UD, AG and DG Stomp programs, plus a number of digital effects from the Yamaha SPX family in an ultra-compact, user-friendly "stomp box" format. Loaded with a total of 198 sound programs (99 preset and 99 user), the Magicstomp contains vintage and new amp models, studio-quality effects, and speaker/microphone models, using powerful 24-bit processing.The Yamaha Magicstomp connects via USB to a computer (MAC or PC format) to allow deep editing of programs, patch configuration and patch downloads from the Internet. Bundled software includes driver, editor and tone data files, with a number of preset and additional patches. The Magic Stomp will have a dedicated website sometime in the Fall. MagicStomp owners can upload and download programs including a number of high-profile artist patches free of charge. "Although the Magicstomp performs complex functions internally, Yamaha has succeeded in keeping the user interface simple and easy to use" states Joseph Brasler, marketing manager, Yamaha Guitars. "The real 'magic' here is that we've created a product so powerful and fun, it will be impossible for guitar players to resist." The Yamaha Magic Stomp has hot-rod plum and brushed aluminum bodywork, an easy-to-read LCD for editing, three surface multi-function parameter knobs, increment/decrement and on/off switches, and volume control, with the most popular parameters available in real time. Balanced ¼" stereo outputs provide hotter signal/noise ratio. Accessories include a 9-Volt phantom power supply and USB cable.There are cheaper units, but this might turn out to be the most versatile for a while.

That looks really cool. About 1/2 the price of a pod.

The thing I like about the pod is aside from the downloadable patches and tweaks you can access through the pc, there are also a bunch of knobs!

I have the original, it doesn't have as many parameters or any of the stomp boxes.


The POD is excellent as well. I just got a SCREAMIN' deal on a Line6 Mod Pro. Phasers,flangers,vibrato,ring modulator,Univibe, it's just awesome.

great info! keep it coming if anyone has more-

Two way USB connectivity and a mic preamp. Wish it cost less or at least did what a GNX series pedal board will do.

My brother raves about the Johnson amp simulator, I've never heard it but it looks pretty cool as well.


I would have gotten the j-station but getting the optional expression pedal puts it into a price range with much more capable processors.

At one time the J-station came with some cool recording software from Cakewalk, I believe.