How Do You Reheat Chipotle?

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With your dick

I can’t believe

“eat them both tonight you fatass”

Hasn’t been said


Shit can the lettuce and stir fry the rest.

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Oh shit, that may not be a bad idea

My advice still stands.

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Toss that daisy bullshit tf out and put crema instead

I don’t use regular sour cream, only crema

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Eat them both tonight in one sitting princess

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7 hrs @ 550


So the answer is…

You don’t. It’s actually better just to eat it cold


who orders a burrito with lettuce in it? that shits for tacos and sammiches

And masturbate onto the top of the dish. Get it nice crispy

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I feel like Ive got a 50/50 chance of getting diarrhea when Chipotle is fresh. Reheating the next day sounds like a bad idea no matter how you do it.

Eat it cold but it’s not great. As someone else said just eat them both tonight lol then fast tomorrow until dinner.

With my colon.

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Ive never had chipotle, btw.

First time I had it years ago I was kind of blown away.
I asked for so much stuff they couldn’t fold my burrito without breaking it.
I was happy to get so much food.

Last time we went – last year sometime I think – I was very underwhelmed.

Just meh.

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If lettuce isn’t in the equation, I don’t get the question. Heat it up any way you want.

You sound poor