How Do You Reheat Chipotle?

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eat it cold pussy

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Its so inconsistent depending where you are I’ve found. The chipotle where I live now is great, good portions, everything tastes relatively fresh, right amount of salt. There is one like next city over I’ve been to couple times and they put like 2x the amount of salt in it… no idea why but its inedible.

Chipotle was horrible in the UK. They gave the tiniest portions and it wasn’t very fresh. Here is a photo one time when I ordered pickup during COVID. I took it because I sent it to them to complain lol. So sloppy and it was like 1/3rd of a normal portion. WTF, I was pissed.

Also had chipotle in Seattle and it was gross. Like straight up disgusting, good portion but just tasted very old and like the vegetables were bad.

I imagine the UK has horrible Mexican food in general

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I just eat it cold for this

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They have some other brands that do same concept and they taste good and normal portions its just chipotle lol.

You’d be surprised… traditional british food is fucking horrible but London has one of the best restaurant scenes in the world… it’s just not traditional british food lol. For example New York has 76 michelin star restaurants, London has 69.

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Yeah that doesn’t look appetizing.

I make better looking stuff when I wake up at 1am still drunk.


Bury it in the sand for 7 months with used charcoal ashes.

That’s what I did

Ate your moms cold pussy

I slide it into my pants and sit on it for proper reheatimg from 9 to chow time at lunch. This way I don’t transfer bacteria from my hands handling the food.

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Boof it.

It ain’t too bad actually. It’s slightly higher end fast food. Like maybe five guys or something. Idk. Point is, its aight.