How do you see them losing?

How will Aldo, Reem, JDS, GSP, and Jones lose?

Reem has lost before but has been unstoppable in recent years. Personally I see him getting KO somehow.

I see Aldo seeing by decision.

JDS and Jones have been truly unstoppable. They've never even been in trouble during a fight. Jones recently though with Vitor, but he still came back and decimated him slowly.

The only person that can beat GSP IMO is Anderson.

Cain has been KO'd and can very well be KO'd in the future. Might happen again on Saturday.

Bendo still lost to Pettis and Pettis is still around so who knows when Pettis gets his title shot. Also Edgar beat him IMO (but that's not the topic) Phone Post

*Aldo losing by decision Phone Post

Aldo - If he loses it would be by dec by Edgar (Frankie is now fighting at his correct weight class, Edgar though dominated a division he wasn't even suppose to be in[too small/size and he won his last fight with Benson]).
JDS - It will be by Cain ground and pound TKO.
GSP - Anderson Silva KO punches.
Jones - Jon's first lost would be to knock out when he moves to HW probably by JDS. He's a dominate force in LHW though.
Reem - JDS KO.

Aldo - Gets out muscled at 155.
JDS - Gets cocky with his stand up and gets ko
GSP - Hendricks doing a Serra or Anderson
Jones - Thinks he will dominate HW and gets destroyed
Reem - Gets KO the guy doesn't exactly have an iron chin to eat shots he has been KO/TKO about 9 times in his career