How do you think Bo Nickal will do in MMA?

2x NCAA champ and 1x runner up plus a freestyle pan am champ.


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askren won ncaas

anyone who downplays wresting was probly pinned in gym class and trying to rationalize that they can still fight But as Tank Abbot said if you cant wrestle you cant fight

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Just for more context behind how dominate Askren was in college:

2 time NCAA Champ
4 time finalist
2 time Hodge Trophy winner
Most prolific pinner in the modern era

His career record was 153-8 with 7 of the 8 loses coming from one guy (Chris Pendleton). After Pendleton graduated, Askren finished his career with a decent record of 87-0.

His potential is fantastic. Potential often does not correspond with reality. I for one would love to see him do well, but it is far from a sure thing.

Tbf, Tank got his ass kicked by quite a few guys who weren’t wrestlers.

never said he was the best But the comment is true

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Pendleton had his number but was older

Yes I think we could count Shamrocks win over Severn as the unofficial first HW UFC champ.

So 250lb roid gorilla Kerr got boomed/NC’ed by Igor and 170ish lb Sakuraba drew Igor after 90 minutes with Royce. Igor was about 230lbs iirc. Shame most people here have forgotten or do T know about Saku.

Top 5 in the UFC in 5 years, maybe champ

I think his grappling is going to translate really well and his striking isn’t complete shit and will also be coming along

This is probably because there are 24 times as many “NCAA All Americans” (top 8 finish in D1, D2, or D3) as there are “NCAA D1 National Champs” in each weight class.

D2/3 top 8ers are All Americans too?

Yes, like someone above said, Sterling was a D3 All American.

How do d1/2/3 levels differ in skill? Would d3 top 8 be able to wrestle d1 level?

I have not watched DWCS in forever but I’m so interested in Nickal’s UFC debut, will for sure be watching.

D3 top 8 and National qualifiers do pretty well at the d1 level in opens and when they get to wrestle those guys.

The good d3 guys are better than the lower level D1 National Qualifiers and are well above average “d1” level. You can be “d1” and just ride the bench and suck.

But the average d1 AA will beat the average d3 AA and champs, obviously.

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Bo looks tiny compared to dude in that weigh in. The second match Clayton carpenter I think use to train at my Thai gym when he was like 11

Bo’s resume is arguably better

3 time NCAA Champ
4 time finalist
1 time Hodge winner
120-3 career record with 59 pins
19-1 career record at NCAA’S

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