How do YOU train MMA?

This question is for those that train in MMA classes, not those who do
bjj one day and then muay thai another.

How does your class integrate different aspects in? ex. suppose you
have mma class 3x a week. are you working on striking one class,
clinch another and groundwork on the third? Do you integrate
different elements in? ex. striking, clinch and takedowns together one
day and then takedowns clinch and groundwork another?

I'm curious to know how other people train mma and if people
(students) prefer to train a specific element at a time.

IMHO if I had 3 classes a week striking, muaythai clinchwork,
takedowns would be taught in one day (free standing and striking
aspect of the clinch), wrestling/judo clinch throws and groundwork
would be taught another day (controlling clinch and groundwork) and
the third day would be a review of techniques taught and lots of


How do you train and what do you feel is the best way.

Thanks in advance.

While I'm expecting to get student responses, I'd also like to hear from
trainers and coaches on their philosophy behind their methods.


work on whatever the guys need to improve on.


some days we concentrate on one area. some days we start boxing, move into clinch, then ground work.

by sitting behind my computer and posting on this website

i have a cage in my basement. we pad up and fight 3 consecutive rounds of five minutes with one minute rest. stagger in guys as needed. we go all out. we wear 16oz boxing gloves and shin pads, sometimes head gear and try to beat the living dog piss out of each other. throw knees and elbows about a quarter speed. try submissions and take downs of course, very hard to do with boxing gloves on, but if you can get them with those suckers on, you should be able to get them in the fight.

then we will use shooto gloves for g 'n' p work sometimes or for NHB as well, just not as full out.

We go into class and chokemon says "so what you guys wanna do today?" and I say "NHB NHB NHB" and he says "uh okay." we warm up sparring nhb from the knees and then for technique do whatever we're in the mood to do. sometimes the class votes clinch technique, sometimes stuff from guard, etc.

We do muay thai twice a week and bjj twice a week and then on saturdays we mix it up.Usually with one person striking and one person trying for takedowns then we move on to guy on top trying G+P and guard passing and guy on bottom trying sweeps,submissions,or just striking from his back .There's more to it than that but that's the quickest way to explain it

At my school grappling is pretty much seperate. On days when we box we often combine it with clinch work and take downs.

"not those who do bjj one day and then muay thai another", from reading these posts that seems to be the training method and it makes sense. You have to focus on striking (muay thai) specifically to develop that skill set and grappling (bjj) to develop that skill set and then spar putting all together I'm guessing.

 Things specific to be trained MMA would be closing and clinching against a striking opponent and grappling against a striking opponent but again you first have to learn to strike and grapple before being able to apply skill sets in fighting environment.  This is my opinion, so please learn me a thing or two if I'm wrong:)

What is this "training" you speak of?? Mostly I just sit on the couch, eat cheeetos and drink beer and watch professional wrestling... that ought to be enough, right?

I cant divulge our secrets because then our enemies would study our methods.

Actually it depends. If I have someone who is competing I try to really focus on them, put them in strange positions, do insane conditioning drills, and work standup and ground in almost every possible scenariou. We usually do five minute rounds at a fast hard pace but once a week its a little more extreme. We often work shorter interval sharkbait drills to completely exhaust people. Once in a while I, or the team will do a conditioning drill which involves clinch work, takedowns on a bag, ground control, medicine ball etc. We play different sparring matches and drills based on different styles of fighters. Sometimes we just do all grappling, sometimes all standup, but most of the time focus on transitional aspects between the two which I think is most important.


We didn't have alot of equipment back then. We went through the old school BJJ/VALE TUDO slaps. Most of us were average grapplers so alot of the sparring ended up on the ground alot. We would bitch slap each other to similuate strikes...we tried it with boxing gloves/headgears before but it was instinctive to grab on the gloves/headgears and that would cause a delay due to readjustment. Gave that up quick.

"What is this "training" you speak of?? Mostly I just sit on the couch, eat cheeetos and drink beer and watch professional wrestling... that ought to be enough, right?"

it is for tank

we train from the knees when there's a lot of people and we don't have the space to actually start from stand up. The gym is really long and narrow so we have a hard time unless it's not crowded.