How do you use

I heard that site has alot of mma clips.. I click on the files and nothing happens.. is there some "trick" to using it? Also - are there any other sites out there like that?

ohhh -- I just figured it out -- you need to

any sites like that that are free?

You need a program like eDonkey or eMule to DL the files. Those are P2P a cross between BitTorrent and Kazaa.
I'd recommend downloding eMule as it's a little more user friendly. Once you DL and install the program, those will actually function as links.

ahhh.. cool == is it worth the download?


well -- I downloaded it -- it's confusing as hell -- how the hell does it work??

The files just sit there and don't download

Essentially you have to connect to a server (look for one with a low ping and lots of people connected) and if there are other people on with the file you're looking for, it should download. Honestly, in most cases, MMA vids might be considered somewhat rare so it might take a while before you can get them from someone.
It's a good program for grabbing whole CD's but in all reality most people on there are swapping warez and download according to you own interest in either ;)