How does 2004-2005 Fedor fare against Gane/Francis

Is the size difference too much?

I’m gonna say Fedor survives Round 1 and then his baboo baby (Sambo base) wins him the fight and he gets a RNC and subs a gassed Francis.

I think Fedor gets a Decision or subs Gane in the later Rounds.

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Fedor probably loses to the best versions of Cain and Stipe, a DC fight is basically 50/50.

Other than those guys, Fedor probably beats every UFC HW champ 4 out of 5 times.

Completely outgunned and overpowered.

Fedor crushes them all. HW MMA has regressed so much. We’ve had someone like Francis before in Carwin. We’ve had someone before like Gane in Cro Cop.

So many fighters that should be heavyweights are cutting weight nowadays and that has left the division in a horrible state. I actually heard 205’er Jamahal Hill say his walking around weight is 250.

He’d murder the explosive athlete champ

Knee on belly Ngannou kills any version of Fraudor.