How does American Education compare to European Education?

Is USA Education the BEST in the WORLD or does Europe do it Better?

I sometimes think perhaps I am in the wrong place. I don’t own GUN$. I favor UNIVERSAL HealthCare instead of Medical BANKRUPTCY, I think LONG HOLIDAYS and Siestas are a Capital Idea…


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LOL, false dichotomy much


Yeah, I tore my rotator cuff April 28th in Canada. 9 months to see an orthopedic surgeon and a year minimum for surgery.


Jesus man. Don’t jerk it so hard.

(that sucks, hurt mine years ago and it still fucking acts up a decade later)

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What’s better?

Is it the education system that created the greatest economy in the world, put a man on the moon, and created the McGriddle? Or the education system that produced Hitler?

You tell me.


Well, in their defense, it was kinda the German education system that helped put a man on the moon (Operation Paperclip), too, so they are kinda 2 & 2 there.

Edit to say, I think the McGriddle puts the US over Europe.


Sorry to hear that. At least you aren’t trying to box in your 40s with a crippled shoulder like I am. lol

Yeah, the end of WW2 basically consisted of The US and Russia trying to pull as much Nazi scientists out to their sides as possible. Germans were among the quickest to recover from the war thanks to their highly educated population. Fuckers are wicked smart.

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I studied in UK and Canada and can say hands down Canadian university system is much more rigorous. Way more contact hours, more deliverables, etc. I’d assume USA is closer to Canada in terms of those things. Interesting because UK has the highest ranked university system per capita in the world. USA has more high ranked schools in absolute terms but for 5x the population. UK is doing 3 year bachelor degrees, 1 year masters, lots of courses are just 15-20 hours of lectures ( seen some as few as 10 hours) compared to like 30-45 in Canada. Can go straight into med school in UK without any bachelor’s and finish in 4-5 years. It’s just not nearly as rigorous, way easier.

I assume that extends to rest of Europe but I’m sure someone who has studied somewhere else in Europe can comment more.

Von Braun feels this is a trick question.

That’s one of the better aspects of UK system. I think med school is generally 6 years but in any case students come out with less debt and start earning an income quicker. Same with law.

Stop comparing yourself to us.
I know we’re the big dogs, but have some pride in your country.

You definitely are in the wrong place. The US and this forum would be better off if you move to France. Best of luck!

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That’s because the rest of the world understands a bachelors degree provides zero value to a physician and the big thing is they aren’t using/forcing bachelors degrees on people for sheer profit. Our entire university system is a big business that gouges the poorly informed and financial illiterates of our society. It’s quite horrible how we’ve preyed on our lower and middle class by convincing them that 100-200k in college debt is the secret to advancing your economic position in life.

maybe Hitler was a student of history and was inspired by the American Genocide of Native Americans and the treatment of Africans?

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