how does chuck do it?

i dont get it.

i am watching chuck vs tito and i dont get it.

chuck keeps his hands low. put his weight on his front leg. all i am thinking is. lowkick the jeholibus out of that leg. i know tito tried later on, but why not way earlier in the first round when he was still fresh?

He threw at least 5 (maybe more) low kicks in the first round. Not sure where you felt he could have done more.

Yep, that's pretty much what I'm saying. Tito isn't much of a striker though.

BEZ - It's true that he threw low kicks, but landing kick itself is only semi-significant.

1st - he was landing the kick with his instep and not his shin. This causes far less damage and hurts your foot when you hit something hard (as Tito did when he hit Chuck's knee)

2nd - After landing the low kick, he could have used the opportunity that he just created to chain combinations.

3rd - After landing the low kick and developing sensitivity to it (Meaning Chuck will be looking for it) the Low Kick becomes a great fient/fake.

To be clear - I don't see not doing these things as Tito's failure during the fight, I see them as his coaches under emphasized in camp.

Chuck has a rare medical disorder that is responsible for his amazing skills in the ring. It's called "Handbrickenitous"

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Respectfully disagree. I think Tito was trying to execute a game plan, one that may have payed off if the fight went another round or 2 (ie: his heart was in it).

He also landed quite a few 'connecting' leg kicks. Won't say good because they never seemed to rattle or move Chuck but he did hit the target a few times.

redeye would leg kick chuck til he was dead, imo.