How does COMMUNIST begin?

"AT&T Has A Team Of 100 Employees Doing Nothing But Responding To Government Surveillance Requests

WASHINGTON (AP) — How much are your private conversations worth to the government? Turns out, it can be a lot, depending on the technology.
In the era of intense government surveillance and secret court orders, a murky multimillion-dollar market has emerged. Paid for by U.S. tax dollars, but with little public scrutiny, surveillance fees charged in secret by technology and phone companies can vary wildly."----

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From watching the trayvon trial I learned you can't get in trouble for whatever texts were sent from your phone because nobody can say who actually sent those texts.

So YOLO Phone Post

"Reports are coming in that a "QF-4" drone fighter jet has crashed near U.S. 98 in Florida, via eyewitnesses on Twitter and local news station WHJG."----

"Mark Zuckerberg Runs A Giant Spy Machine In Palo Alto, California

Mark Zuckerberg runs a giant spy machine in Palo Alto*, California. He wasn’t the first to build one, but his was the best, and every day hundreds of thousands of people upload the most intimate details of their lives to the Internet. The real coup wasn’t hoodwinking the public into revealing their thoughts, closest associates, and exact geographic coordinates at any given time. Rather, it was getting the public to volunteer that information. Then he turned off the privacy settings.

If the state had organized such an information drive, protestors would have burned down the White House. But the state is the natural beneficiary of this new “social norm.” Today, that information is regularly used in court proceedings and law enforcement. There is no need for warrants or subpoenas. Judges need not be consulted. The Fourth Amendment does not come into play. Intelligence agencies don't have to worry about violating laws protecting citizenry from wiretapping and information gathering. Sharing information “more openly” and with “more people” is a step backward in civil liberties.'----

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Nothing the OP has posted has a single fucking thing to do with communism. 

you can listen to him or you can intelligently reason the FACTS which presented