How does the Afghanistan debacle affect the midterms?

Massively? Barely?

Depends on the mail in voting.


Depends on how motivated his midnight ballot counters will be.


Don’t worry, the left lambda variant will hit just before, forcing states to illegally change their voting practices once again!

I very seriously doubt most people care. In fact,I seriously doubt most people even know what you’re talking about and the media won’t shine a light on it.

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Depends on how fair the elections are. Dominion is still around…

Who knows. The fact people openly voted for this fucking potato in the first place makes me think these fucks will believe everything they say and vote for more dems

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Mostly fabricated votes…

With or without this clusterfuck the mid-terms are gonna be a bloodbath for the Dems. A better question is how will this effect 2024…


Bloated unemployment checks, stimulus payments, eviction moratoriums, debt forgiveness and other free stuff will motivate the democrats’ base. You think they give af about Afghanistan?

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