How does these men rise thru the ranks? These people will be the death of the US

‘We’re more lethal when we’re inclusive’: US Army’s top sergeant major is branded ‘shameful’ after sharing Women’s Equality Day on day ISIS-K suicide bomb killed 13

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You hate women and minorities, OP?

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I hate liberals.


The weird thing is that grown adults don’t realize it’s not that guy who tweeted that, it’s some low level staffer in charge of social media tweeting out a pre-approved message. The staffer is likely part of the LGBTQ community and was feeling like they weren’t getting enough attention during the disaster in Kabul.

Rest assured, that specialist is likely a pfc today.


Once you get to that rank you’re not a real person anymore. You’re just filling a position.

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This is why I’m retiring… 25 days and counting.


You’ve never ran into a groveling little coward that rose up the ranks in companies you worked for and takes up whatever cause will make management like him?



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Just like there are corporate shills that suck the cock of their employer, so too are there brown nosing, dumb fuck military members.

The guys an airborne ranger with a CAB, 3 bronze stars. Sure he may play the political game but I don’t know that I’m ready to submit that he’s some weak neck limp dick

I know you don’t want to hear it, but thank you for your service.

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They do exist but in the Sergeant Major ranks they political bureaucrats are very few and far between. In more than 20 years I’ve only personally ever run into one… Thankfully.

Doesn’t mean he’s not a piece of shit though…

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Very well could be a POS. I’m just not going to make that call based on a tweet he 99.9% likely didn’t do.

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Best of luck in the future

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