how does this make you feel? (pic)

This is the OMA (tm) code of honor................


 The pic makes me feel like it could very well be the "Razor Rob McCullough Code of Honor" instead.


i say it every morning.

The guy in the pic looks like OMA with the belt.

 jesus christ sam u r a fucking genius

I'm on a quest to be my best

I'm on a quest to be my best

i prefer to lie.

I will not lie on the internet

i will lie to TMZ

PatrickFreitas - i will lie to TMZ


 It makes me feel like this everytime I click on any on of OMA's (tm) threads:




I don't know, that makes it seem like lying's ok, as long as you don't do it to your parents and teachers.

 Very close to the Catholic Church code of honor

1) I will not tell my parents

2) I will not tell the other Priests

3) I will not tell my teachers at school

4) I am on a quest to get to go to heaven

 That Billy...... So poorly balanced!

It was the copious amounts of cheese that did him in, obviously.