How does Travis Lutter...

train at the Lion's Den and Machado BJJ? Just curious if these teams are more open than most to their guys training with other people; I would think that many schools would frown on something like this.

Anyone? The couple of grappling schools I've trained at were preaty strict about students not training at other places, so I'm just wondering...

It's the same thing with Ricco. Rigan told him to go where he felt he would get the best training. I imagine Carlos is the same way. The Machados are open to training with others, I'd guess especially since they don't have a MMA team.

many guys in the Dallas area do this.

That's a good thing.

I hope the LD are just as receptive to new grappling tech's as Travis is to learning standup.

I send what I want done each week to Guy and Carlos. They will call me for advice, etc., from time to time, and I will also send out Team Potato trainers to monitor and see that it's going according to the game plan I've drawn up for a particular opponent.

I don't see anything wrong with training in multiple places. I've been doing this or years. The ONLY problem is I'm still a "white belt" - I should be a blue belt!!111


Definately a good thing I agree. I wish more schools had that mentality.