How does Weidman vs Moose go?

This is a great matchup that is kind of flying under the radar. Both guys are great all around, but I give Moose the advantage in striking and fight experience. I don't think Weidman has the explosiveness and athleticism to score a flash knockout like Uriah Hall did, though I could be wrong of course.

I suspect the majority of the UG have Moose as well. Am I off base?

Moose hurts him and finishes by strikes. Weidman goes to 205 where they need more stars.

Moose said it best. Chris isn't super fast, he isn't super technical with his strikes. He will likely push forward and look for the takedown but Gegard is an extremely versatile counter striker and he's game from bottom. 

I don't see Chris doing anything except out working Moose - and I'm sure that's his actual strategy going in.  

weid by wrestling

I'm a die hard gegard fan since the dream days...
That said I've never really seen huge improvements in his TD, I think even this version of Chris can mix it up enough to win 3 rounds

Not under my radar. Been looking forward to Mousasi beating the shit out of Weidman.

Look how Weidman did vs. Machida, another fabulous striker.    Weidman performed fabulous.  I've got Weidman in this one.   

Both can finish the fight. Chris by GnP or Moose by KO. Or it can go 3 rounds. I expect this to be fight of the night.

Weitzman knocks him out

I think Weidmans wrestling gives him an edge and his striking is under rated. I like Moose but he's been outworked before.

Mousasi via natural-non PED ability

My brain says that Chris cage presses him and takes him down for an easy 30-27.

My gut says Mousasi sparks him midway through the fight.

The fight that establishes Chris as a 185 Gatekeeper.

Moves to 205

Mookie 3:16 -

Look how Weidman did vs. Machida, another fabulous striker.    Weidman performed fabulous.  I've got Weidman in this one.   

Machida is a one style striker, and is not very versatile. Once Machida woke up, he lit up Weidman in the last round.

Other than Jacare, I don't think anyone has damaged Mousasi from the ground. Chris' grappling is overhyped. Hasn't subbed anyone of note in mma, and got owned by Cockhold on the ground.

Slow Weidman gets ate up at range, will start going for desperation takedowns that he can do nothing with, gets decisioned 3-0. If it's a 3 rounder Chris survives, in a 5 rounder Chris gasses and gets tkoed.

Easy nights work for the Moose. 

Weidman takes it because Moose won't decide to engage til midway through the 3rd. 29-28 UD

Weidman with wrestling. Mousasi has a decent ground game but Weidmans BJJ game is too strong to get caught by him I think.

I want moose to win.  Woodman had his shots, its mousasis time now 

Moose by TKO. If Chris loses he should go up to 205 

Love both guys but it's moose time!