How does Yodsaenklai Fairtex rate in kickboxing?

He won Contender Asia with no problems, but that means very little. How does he compare to the top guys in kickboxing today?

He doesn't do much kickboxing.....

He was a two time lumpinee champ.

He's up there in the top of the Muay Thai food chain.

I would say he is the best at his weightclass in MT

But he recently lost to Andy Souwer in K1 rules

he did? where?

it was a close fight with Souwer, went to a 2nd extra round decision.

Hw is fighting on the MAX Finals card in a superfight, hopefully MAX take him on board properly now, he is as top level as they come and I feel could transition into K-1 rules very well. He is only 22 and his strengths suit K-1, he is a 2 time Lumpinee champ and that emans he is TOP of the food chain.

What if he was to train some wrestling/sprawl/and sub defense...could he huge in MMA?

probably, but i doubt he cares about mma.  he's too good of a kickboxer to fight in mma.