How far do you think the woke mob will go?

I personally think in the future maybe 10 -20 years from now our United States flag will be redesigned as it will be deemed offensive to people of color. I also think historic battlefields like Gettysburg and other historic sites will be destroyed for the same reasons. How far do you think the woke mob will go?

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As far as it takes to make everything offensive. That’s how you get total control. By not allowing anything to exist without offense.


There is no limit to going left. There is no utopia, there is no point that they can’t push further left on. Someone will always be pushing to go further left.


Those sorry limpwrists will go as far as they can until a pushback happens. Then they will scurry away to their safe spaces and will re-assume their rightful spots on the bottom of the social pecking order.

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it’s already happening i think. the pendulum is reaching the top of it’s swing. people are tired of it.


It will go as far as people allow it to go, and half the country is not on board with this bs

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I disagree. The limit is where society collapses. Then everyone hardens the fuck up to rebuild. Rinse and repeat.

The “woke mob” equals the majority of American thinking. How is any of this a surprise to you people?

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Not the majority of Americans that are actually worth a damn.

I don’t give two fucks what some skid row junkie, unemployed antifa asshole, NYC tranny, or the BLM mob think. They don’t matter.


Every force has a counter. In 10 or 20 years you’ll have a right wing government completely opposite all this I imagine

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You are out of your fucking mind

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Not close. The normal people still have too much to lose. When ass whippings happen in public without repercussions, it’ll slow down.


A few more years, and, as is the custom in the US, the pendulum will swing and there’ll be a gross overcorrection in the other direction.

That’s how we function now, wildly swinging from guardrail to guardrail, slamming into the sides like a out-of-control vehicle until eventually, the US will crash and burn.

The screeching mobs don’t know moderation or compromise. Only tribal rhetoric and self immolation.


This is the video I meant to post:


I know a lot of people don’t like Paul Watson but this video is spot-on.

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This cancel culture wokeism makes me think of the Chinese social credit system. Once you start stealing wealth and opportunity from people based on how they think it’s for sure going to get nasty before long. Kind of like the removal of the bourgeoisie in Russia, it’s always the same play. ‘It’s not fair and THESE guys are the problem. Let’s just remove them and things will be rosy’. It has never worked and never will.