How far from JFK airport to Renzos

I will be arriving in NY Friday evening at 6:15pm. Is there any chance in hell I can get to Renzo's from JFK airport by 7 or 7:30?


If you arrive at 6:15 by the time you get off the plane and get moving it would be pretty hard, probably looking at 8 to 8:30 with Friday traffic.

Yeah I think it is like 20 miles and at that time of night traffic might be tough.

damn! well, at least I should be able to make it to Saturday morning training.

Forget about it. You'll still be in traffic on one of the
highways in Queens when 7:30 rolls around.

It's going to be real tough to make it by 7:30, people train to pretty late on Fridays though...

they will still be there at 8 and probly start late as all BJJ schools do