How far would you drive to train?

Say you think you found the school of your dreams. how far would you be willing to drive to train there? How far do you drive now?

I'd go up to about 2 hours a few times a week, anything more than that would be a bit too far to go that often.

15 minutes gas is a bitch.

I drove over 40 miles one way for 3 years to a school to train. If it is worth it to you, you will allocate your time and energy to achieving those goals. Teh driving was hard but worth it for me. Now I drive 20-25 miles a few times a week, then do a 50 mile drive one way on the weekends.

tonight going to Duneland Vale Tudo, almost 2 1/2 hours time. will drive to greenwood in the morning for bjj then back to indy1 1/2 hour for thai classes

I train at Matt Serras about 3 miles away 8-)

I live in Los Angeles where good training facilities are easy to find. Luckily there is a great school within 6 miles of my house.

I drove 1 hour each way to train twice a week. It sucked...

I sometimes drive 9 hours to train at Dave Menne's gym, but then I stay there for a few days so I do not know if you will let that count. Last summer in Norway I drove 1 hr 15 min (each way), to train several times a week, I will do that this summer again.

5 min From Work

10 - 15 From Home

I have a v-8 gas is damn near 3 dollars a gallon .. I drive 45 minutes to work... 30 minutes to the gym to train from work and then sit in rush hour traffic for another hr before I get home

"Say you think you found the school of your dreams."

If it were that good, I'd move to somewhere within 5 minutes walk.

Seriously. The reason I'm not training now is that there's nowhere within 20 minutes of where I am. I am crap at travelling to training.

The most I've ever drove was 15 to 20 miles at 30 minutes in bad trafic.


10 minutes :)

I like my car. Keep the mileage low.

I drive 82 miles roundtrip 3 days a week so about 246 miles a week for training

Back when I was semi-motivated, I used to drive about 45min. each way 3-4 times per week. Now an awesome school has opened that is 5 minutes from my house. I probably go about twice a month. I suck.


are you in Baton Rouge?

The two studios that I train at are about 25mins away from me... one in La Habra and, the other in Rancho Cucamonga.

DEPENDS. 2 hrs if it was bustamante, wouldn't walk a block for fergeson :o)

For 3 years I would drive 35 miles. Then I was getting some boba and found a bjj place that opened 5 min (with traffic) away from me.

i go 40 miles, but only on saturday. since the weather is improving i plan to go more often.