How Fast Can You Fall Asleep?

Why is that? :face_with_spiral_eyes: I nap on the couch

Edit. Nvm I get what you’re saying. Only be laying
In bed when it’s time to go to sleep

A progressive muscle relaxation meditation is the thing that fixed it for me and the sleep habits i mentioned. Specifically I only go to bed when I’m tired and ready to sleep and if I haven’t fallen asleep in a couple minutes then I get out of bed. Don’t do anything else in your bed.

Specifically I think the app I was recommended at the time was by a dude named Andrew Johnson he’s like famous for this thing… and it was something sleep… i just checked my play store history and it was this app

Not sure if there is something better now… but you have to listen to it in bed and then actually do what he tells you to do.

At that time I was having serious issues sleeping like taking hours to fall asleep and first time I used that app I was out cold within like the first 60 seconds lol (don’t remember exactly) and it kept working… it took about a week or so of using it plus changing my habits as described and that was it, stopped using it.

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To use the restroom?

I fall asleep mid conversation with the wife in bed. I will literally be dreaming within 10 seconds.

Hours to REM sleep??? Fuck that. It’s seconds for me.


It sadly takes me an hour to fall asleep. If I take CBD oil, it cuts the time down and I also get a much better uninterrupted sleep through the night.

After so many years of 24hr shifts my body just deals like an old whore thats out of meth but still needs that money.

I rarely sleep well, if at all.

I can’t remember the last time I felt well rested. As soon as I hit “metabolically wont die” I’m up.
I envy the guys that can just turn it off. I want to murder them too.
I can rest, but sleep will ever elude me. Getting even worse post 50.


I can take a nap in the afternoon(weekends) like nothing but at night nope thats when I prowl.

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If I’m on a plane I’m out before they even start the on board announcements.


Takes me 30 minutes to an hour.

You want a healthy way to fall asleep quick start lifting especially big compound movements, go hard then eat a carby meal before bed. Make sure your room is cool but no aircon use a fan and a water sprayer if needed

Now I just watch prison docs on youtube and im out within 5 mins

I fall asleep in minutes but usually wake up around 3 every morning. Usually I make myself a drink and when it’s done I go back out.

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Im pretty consistent with when i fall asleep and my quality of sleep.

The few times i have struggled to fall asleep i just hand the wife and tell her to put something on.

Out within minutes…

This completely.

3 or 4 times a day (in my case). Wake up, hit my vape a few times, piss, check the og, check to make sure that I have the door locked/stove off, etc.

I’ve resorted to half a dozen Tylenol PM to try to get to sleep in under an hour.

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I can sleep like a champ, but I work real hard and have several kids. If I have a beer or 2 and ball out the old lady I’m out in like one minute flat. No alcohol or skeeting and it may take me 2 minutes.


So I have been dealt a nice dose of Karma as of this post. I was suffering from allergies when I posted it. I took allergy meds and blew my nose like crazy. In that process I got sick. In the process of being sick I got a sinus and probably an ear infection. I haven’t been able to sleep for shit since I posted this.


Bro, you can tell us that Tyrone plundered your ass. You don’t have to make a bunch of stuff up.


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Seconds - certain things send me to sleep with a force I can’t stop as well.

Passenger in the car? I’ll be fighting to stay awake

MRIs are a nightmare as the banging and clanging sends me to sleep all I’ll jolt meaning the image gets fucked and they have to redo

I once fell asleep in the dentist chair and the dentist couldn’t believe it

My wife is the total opposite - every night she has disturbed sleep


Every night i fall asleep in about 5 minutes. Every night something in my mind jolts me awake after about 8 minutes of sleep. I am then fuckin awake for a minimum of 30 minutes before sleeping again.

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Sounds like monkeypox…

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