How good AJ McKee? UFC champ?

If AJ could fight in the UFC in his prime how good would he be? He instantly would be in the mix for a title shot but would he be favored to win it all? Who would give him the hardest fight, who does he match up with good?


His dad has the slowest shot I have ever seen but boy is it effective.

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Lol his entire highlight reel is him going for takedowns …

Good think he didn’t fight Pride rules cause his head would be knees to Bolivia. Tough sob though. I like how he tried to slam guys after getting the double leg

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“This is the future of MMA, a kid that can do it all like this. He’s been doing this since he was three or four years old. He grew up in the gym. This is nothing new for him, so he’s special and his dad [former pro fighter Antonio McKee] told me when he came to my office five or six years ago, ‘This is the kid. He’s special. I’m telling you right now.’ And he was right, the dad knew it. It’s just part of his destiny.”


I had to look up McKees record. 10 guys he beat don’t even have wiki entries. I’ve only heard of three of the guys he’s beat and his entire career has been in Bellator. I get suspicious when I see what looks like hefty record padding so let’s reserve the UFC champ talk until he graduates from the B league.

I understand where you’re coming from, but in all fairness, only 1 of the first 16 guys Khabib beat has a Wikipedia entry.


Beating Pitbull like he did is worth more than the other 17 guys


Wikipedia means nothing. If you look on Tapology it actually shows his opponents’ records. He’s been fighting pretty good competition his whole career. His second pro fight was against a 4-0 opponent.

In contrast, Khabib’s best opponent in his first 16 fights had a 5-2 record. Most of them were 0-0.

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What does that mean? Lol. Wikipedia entries and instagram fans determine fighters skill levels?

To a degree, yes.
If you aren’t on wiki, you haven’t been making noise in the scene. Probably because you aren’t good.

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You are right about wiki vs tapology but you are wrong about Khabib.

Khabib fought Eldar Eldarov in his 6th pro fight. Eldarov is currently ranked #143rd (out of 700) at WW with a 13-2 record.

Khabib fought Shahbulat Shamhalaev in his 7th pro fight. Shamhalaev went on to win a Bellator Season tournament at FW prior to retiring. Shamhalaev also won Russian national titles in sanshou, kickboxing and karate.

Khabib fought Ali Bagov in his 8th pro fight. Bagov is currently ranked #42 (out of 700) at WW and 4th in ACA.

In his 16th pro fight and last fight prior to entering the UFC, Khabib fought Arymarcel Santos at WW. Anymarcel is currently ranked #183 at LHW and he was already 28-21 when he fought Khabib.

Despite having already turned pro in MMA in 2008, in 2009 Khabib also won the Russian National and World Combat Sambo Championship. In 2010 he again won the World Combat Sambo Championship.


He could very well be the best I think if he loses he most likely beats himself by going for too many takedowns early against one of the cardio monsters like Max or Volkanowski.

McKee vs Zabit is my wet dream. Make it happen egg

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#1 at 145 //Volk never fights

Once Volk runs through Ortega he’ll be the greatest 145’er of all time. Bring AJ over, Volk needs new blood,

except that his wins over Max are a bit debatable. I think Max gets the belt back in the trilogy fight and keeps it.

Volk may beat Ortega but I don’t see him running through him. I think Ortega beats him standing