How good are Eddie Bravo's students?

I heard the new batch of 10th Planet San Francisco students brought back some medals from the Battle of the Bay no gi tournament in Watsonville, California. This is pretty amazing considering that branch just opened a few months ago.

I trained with them last Friday (before their tournament) and was very impressed by how quickly they are picking up the "system." What seems to make the difference is the attention to detail even with beginners at a brand new academy. Besides having a "system", they were working triangles, arm bars, and transitions and counters. The teaching is highly organized, much like Bravo's books, not thrown at the students in a seemingly random fashion.

Most of all, the students really try to apply stuff they drill in class during the live sparring.

Make all the jokes you want about the hype, it's a good system being taught in a very organized manner and the students take what they are doing very seriously and enthusiastically.

just curious, do any of you consider a 10th planet blue belt to be a bjj blue belt?

wonder if theyd be allowed to comet in a gi ibjjf event

^^^IMHO a blue belt's a blue belt. But official sanctioning bodies may have a different opinion.

There's an old adage that no gi is the "least common denominator" since if you (a no gi person) can still grip without a gi, you surely ought to be able to grip when a gi is added. But the real problem is when your opponent, used to getting gi grips on the legs, thighs, back, etc., begins gripping and slowing down the no gi person in unexpected ways. Not to mention hellacious collar chokes and lapel wrap around chokes and sneaky stuff you don't see coming because it's impossible to do unless there is a gi involved.

I'll report back after the next NAGA I go to with a follow up.

I love the way Laimon coaches...but then he has never coached against me. I'd probably feel the same way about Bravo if I didn't compete against his guys. I don't remember exactly what Bravo said but he got a little personal with everything. BJJ is fun for me. I'm not trying to get paid by tapping guys out. I'm in the old guys' class. His student only takes the competition so seriously or he'd be in the adult class. Keep it fun yet competitive, IMHO. There is already too much ego at the events you don't need the instructors to add to it.

Having said that, if my hips had the least bit of flexibility I'd learn the RG Bravo style. I love the way in neutralizes the top player and there are so many attacks from it.

XXroosterXX - How well do Eddie's students do in tournaments?

Like my buddy said "They all become shitter versions of Bravo."

I used to like Bravo now- not so much.

XXroosterXX - How well do Eddie's students do in tournaments?

Like my buddy said "They all become shitter versions of Bravo."I used to like Bravo- now not so much.

shen - Why doesn't anyone ever mention it then?

 No one has ever submitted or even beaten a Gracie on points, this is a well known fact!



^ I think you're --(Wallid)-- right.

First at all, i am an open mind person, so i would give my two cents to Eddie. He has improved the close guard and is unquestionable. He has given to NoGi close guard another dimension, because is unquestionable that applying the same Gi strategy for NoGi close guard is less efficient. And he has 'created' a 'system', a break down system that you can learn. Combos, transitions, tricks and so on. Where have you seen this in other positions or teachers?

One of the things i like most from Eddie is that he transmit to his students a 'system', i mean, a game plan very well taught. Or at least, in Rubber Guard. He gives the paths, a break down positions. I am sure he is giving the same for the rest of positions.

Mike Flower teacher academy (i dont remember right now the name) has been doing the same for the last years (game plan), and is obvious the good results they are having.

I would like to have this way of teaching near me, and not like now, that i have to invest years of effort trying to create my own game plan or obtain tricks from everywhere (videos, youtube, seminars, etc).

One question, does eddie teach Bjj with Gi? Does his students compete in Gi too?

"There is a HUGE diffrence in game plans between Lloyd Irvin and Eddie Bravo."

Of course, you are right. But they are giving both of them the way for a game plan. Once give you the tools to build your own game plan. the other gives you the game plan. But both of them creates for you a path, a structural game, gives you an order, something systematic.

Is like when you go to a personal physical training. If he is good, he will give you a plan, that for you is transparent, but behind it there are hours of studying, working, planification, etc etc.

In Lloyd Irvin i think is a perfect place to create champs. They give you a plan for physical training and technical training.

gogoplata74 - No, his students don't all roll just like Eddie does.
Joe Rogan has a super heavy top game, for example.

Joe started with Jean Jacques Machado that's why. In fact, he recently got his brown belt from Jean Jacques.

Eddie is excited about his system of BJJ and is a great coach - he will argue with the ref. I've trained with him at JJ Machados and at his school and he's argued with me about my calls against his students. IMO, That's just what a good coach does. Laimon is the same way -- I think both Laimon and Eddie have misunderstood humor in their coaching. I wouldn't take anything they say when coaching personally.

funniest dude eva. the shit he says in class is so fucking funny

I remember Baret Yoshida telling me they had some tough guys there when he went to visit. Coming from him that is saying a lot.

I've seen enough of Bravo's guy compete to know they all have varied styles. I think they can fall back on RG if they need to but not everyone is a RG player like Eddie is.

I agree about the game plan. My game is sorely lacking a plan.

I've spoken with quite a few top guys that have come into 10th Planet. Most of them have good things to say about the level of students. They could just be being nice tho =)