How good are HCK shorts?



If you're talking about the loose-fit shorts, HCK are the best. I've got HCK and Sprawl. While I like them both, the HCKs fit much better and feel sturdier.

They're the ones!

Anyone else? I've heard good things about sprawl too so any other comparisons would be appreciated.

I own them both and would buy the HCK hands down. The big rubber piece on the sprawls make them uncomfortable. The way they are cut makes them less comfortable. I love my HCK shorts.

dude, go to pacific sunware or other surf shop and buy board shorts - they are the same shit for 1/3 the money. most board shorts are tripple stiched and rugged enough for nhb. Its all I train in.

It depends on what feel you like. The way it's cut makes the difference as some brands have a higher or lower crotch than others.

ttt for hck... ive never worn their shorts but i wear their gis... and i train with marc laimon who does wear their shorts

I started a thread regarding HCK shorts a couple of weeks ago.

Got many responses similar to the ones above. What I like about them in particular is the loose fit makes them versatile for any activity-grappling, muay thai, weightlifting etc... Very comfortable too!